I was hired  by Harborside church to rcruite new members to join our men ‘s breakfast club. As you can see , I was very sussful. The only problem, if they showed for breakfast I couldn’ recognize them .


my brother’s family



My  brother Poul live in Risskov a small town outside Aarhus in Denmark, the town both my brother and I grew up. His immediate family consist of Peter his son and Peter’s family wife Daniella and their daughter Laura and his daughter Helle and her family  husbond Thomas and their son Mads.

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Poul’s beloved wife  Birthe passed away last year. She was a wonderful wife, mother and sister in law and is missed of all us. She was the glue that keept us all together, her kitchen was always open.

small group

 Brenda Chappell our  dedicated , and pretty, and ,…and, host  for the small bible study group Vibeke and Erik  belong to, every Tuesday evening.Brenda has opened her appartment to the group, where  we can study God’s words and at the same time enjoy the view over the Mexican gulf.

Note Brenda ‘s name tag . She is so proud of her new job ( funeral director)at Moess Feaster, that she will not let us forget.  




 Harborside church outreach program encourage members to participate in small group evenings get together.

Brenda Chappell is hosting the small group we are part off.The group is








our prety host

our pretty host







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Hear, hear, have you heard, right here in Clearwater in FLORIDA we have started a tennis program for individuals, confined to a wheelchair.  We that participate are very fortunate the program is headed up by the world traveled tennis pro Robert Carlbo. The motto Robert lives by is everybody can play tennis (at least that was his philosophy before I showed up). Robert’s passion and enthusiasms for wheelchair tennis makes the drills something to look forward to all week. The weekly practice take place at the McMullen tennis complex every Friday at 5-7PM. We encourage every body to come and join us in having a good time and the opportunity for some exercise in fresh air and meeting some very nice people of all ages.

misc inputs.


writing to come; found some photos from our vacation in 2004 to our visit to Denmark, our last visit to dk befor e my stroke. Vi havn’t given up going to DK later, but this year is out of question.


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e my stroke. Vi havn’t given up going to DK later, but this year is out of question.

Vibeke’s brother Jorgen and Knud . The photo is taken the first year when Jorgen started his  new hobby, harvesting wine grapes on his summer place in Fredensborg. The last two years he has enjoyed the fruit of his labor with app. 300 bottles per year.

jorgen Skelmose is practicing with his sax, a hobby he had when he was young in Copenhagen in the swinging 1960ties, but took up again when retired a few years ago.

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 I have included a few family pictures so you can see he is inspired by beauty, both in family and  nature. No wonder the sax sound good both in the local pub and when he is part of symphony orchestra in Roskilde Denmark.


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The proudgrandparents with all theirgrandchildren, Monique and Maya, children of Charlotteand Robert, Nick and Carly, children of Lars and Michele. I would have includedtheir age, but changes so fast , I can’t keep. The photois from March 2007.

Ability Camp

 I finally got all photos from our stay in the Ability  Camp downloadwd to flicker. I know you have to be therefor the photos can have any interest. When I tink back the memories of the sweet small children stray clear and everlasting.We were so impressed with  all them,  of course that does not we didn’t have our favor.It ok, Iknow I am not play favor with our own grandchildren, and I don’t. We didn’t have much time set aside for sightseeing, but the last two Sundays we hired Pat to take us around the island where we stayed. I have included more sightseeing photos.
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Driving around Picton, a town with app. 30.000 people and 3 supermarkets open 24 hours 7days weekly. where do they get the business, I have no idea, maybe it because eating is  all you can do  in the town. nitelife is nill, they roll up the site walk at dark, and that early for 10 months.

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july 4th 08

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